After learning about the intentional lead poisoning in Flint, Michigan and several other inner city neighborhoods, it weighed on my conscience to make a difference, my way.

Every morning I catch up on current events by listening to XM Radio, channel 126, Joe Madison, better known as “The Black Eagle”. He often asked callers , after hearing

image-placeholdercomplaints or concerns about any given issue of the day or moment, ‘What are YOU going to do about it”

When praying , we finish our prayer with Ase’ (ah-Shay), which means; so be it, let it be so, or I agree with what was said. Very similar to Amen.

The idea of Ase’ Water came out of my desire and ultimately… prayers, to “Do something “.

We at Ase’ Water, LLC are constantly promoting a higher consciousness  by encouraging a healthier lifestyle and explaining the many benefits of drinking 100% Natural Alkaline Spring Water.

“Enjoy the Experience”



Mr. Lee V. Putney Sr

CEO /  Founder

Ase’ Water, LLC

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